The Power of Mobile Marketing

The Importance of Mobile Marketing
There is no doubt that mobile devices are here to stay. Nearly 75% of adults worldwide own a mobile phone. A large portion of their day is spent on the phone socializing. The amount of mobile applications continues to grow daily, offering every type of service imaginable. The time is right for marketers to take advantage of the growth in mobile usage.
Get Close to your Consumers
Mobile applications enable you to reach your targeted consumers immediately. There is no other device that allows you to get up close and personal with your consumers. People turn to their mobile devices for everything from socializing to shopping. They use their devices to search out stores and products, and to compare product brands. Good marketers know that they should get to where consumers are, get there fast, and get there first. Getting to consumers through their mobiles is a great option right now. Demand is low, but supply is high.
The Time for Mobile Marketing is Now
Even though mobile marketing has been around for a while, there are still some marketers that are hesitant to use mobile. Many forecasts regarding mobile marketing indicate that now is a good time to start utilizing it. Mobile marketing will enable a marketer to connect with the right consumer that’s in the right place and at the right time.
The most important thing for marketers to do is have mobile-specific goals. They need to ensure that consumers will be able to experience seamless ads as to where they are planning on shopping. This can be done with aps such as store locators, specific deals within certain stores, etc. Because marketing through mobile devices is more of a personal experience, your marketing campaign must be diverse enough to reach an individual but also a larger market.
Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses
Small business owners will naturally have a smaller base of customers. Therefore, the business will be able to actively engage with their customers. This is an awesome benefit when it comes to personalization with consumers. A small business owner can connect with his customers via e-mail, and sending alerts about sales or certain products. A great marketing idea for the small business owner is to offer loyalty perks, or VIP status to their customers.
Because mobile phones are an extension of a consumer’s desktop technology, it isn’t difficult for marketing to be done. It can be as easy as sending an e-mail marketing campaign. The business owner will be able to see how the consumers respond to e-mails or Facebook postings. Mobile marketing can help target consumers for daily deals being offered.
Mobile marketing is an inexpensive, efficient tool for reaching a targeted group of consumers. It’s a good option to get started on now.

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