Stand Out With Interactive Media

The Importance of Interactive Media
The marketing world is quite a busy place. In order to stand out to consumers, you need to use a stand-out marketing plan. Interactive media offers you just that. This is especially beneficial for small business owners who can’t always afford the high-tech advertising that many larger companies use. Interactive media can be used at trade shows, or even on mobile devices.
Types of Interactive Media
Augmented Reality.
Augmented reality can help consumers in a number of ways. For example, a woman can find the best make-up shade for herself by using various screens showing how the make-up will look with her skin tone. Consumers can envision what certain types of furniture will look like in their homes.
Narrative Science.
Narrative science supplies engaging information through data that’s updated as the information revolving around the product or service changes. Narrative science can help consumers become interested in learning about a product through an upbeat story, educating them regarding the uses of it.
Virtual Reality.
Virtual reality is used in a number of computer and internet applications. It became popular with online gaming. In marketing, it can help consumers tour places they’d like to visit, such as a resort; or view the inside workings of a computer before purchasing it.
3d Product Visualization.
3d product visualization is an engaging definition of a product—both visually and with written content. This is beneficial for businesses at trade shows. The business can show their prospective consumer their products without the actual product being at the trade show.
Many free games on the internet today are sponsored by interactive marketing that pops up while people are playing the game.
Cost Effectiveness
Interactive media can save small business owners money by reducing the amount of mailings, such as catalogs or sales flyers. An online catalog can easily be updated and reach a much larger audience. There is no delivery cost for online catalogs. A savvy small business owner can also eliminate other overhead expenses such as showrooms and even sales representatives.
Interactive media can be especially helpful for businesses that offer customized products. Consumers have the option of choosing their customizations in a more leisurely fashion. They can look at several different options before making a final decision. Examples of where this is beneficial would be for a bakery service or a custom clothing shop.
Educate as well as Sell
Consumers are more cautious about purchasing products these days. They have many questions about what they’re buying. Interactive media can educate consumers about products they’re interested in, plus help them in deciding to purchase from you.
The more your business and product stand out through interactive media, the more sales you will make. In today’s high-tech world, interactive media marketing is a sure sell.

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